Stop Hate UK statement on Knowsley riot

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We are aware of the genuine concerns of communities, not just in Knowsley, and can understand why they wish to carry out peaceful protests opposing any inexcusable actions of individuals who are seeking asylum and refuge. 

What we, and most right-minded people, cannot condone is the violence and racist actions which generates fear amongst individuals, including young children, who have had to flee their homes to escape war, violence, and the real threat of death. 

Stop Hate UK, local authorities, the police, and most people recognise there are groups of individuals who are set on stirring up trouble, who are openly racist, and their attitudes, beliefs and actions have no place in our society. 

If anyone commits wrongdoing, whoever they are, whatever background or status they have, we have criminal processes in place to respond and take appropriate action. 

The planned peaceful protest on Saturday in Liverpool, Merseyside Anti- Racists Unites, is not only sending a message that refugees, who have fled here to escape violence, are welcome, but also sending a message that Merseyside, as a community, will not tolerate racists.