Young People’s Resource Hub

Welcome to the Young People's Online Hate Resource Hub

At Stop Hate UK we recognise the impact that online hate can have on individuals and communities. We work to reduce it and create a better online environment by increasing understanding of how and why it is important to know the harmful effects created by the powerful world of the internet.

Help us to spread love, not hate by exploring ways to challenge and report online hate.

This information hub is for young people, their carers and teachers to learn about issues surrounding online Hate Crime, its impact and how to challenge and report it.

The Effects of Online Hate

Sadly, some people think they can say what they like online and no-one will find out who they are. They also think that it happens online, it’s not as hurtful as in the real world.

Watch this video to see the impact of online messages, and how the support and ‘likes’ that they gather, cause real harm to the people at the receiving end. All these examples are real.

Advice from online platforms on online safety and how to report Hate