About Hate Crime

Other Forms of Hate

People can be targeted because of any aspect of their identity.

It is often mistakenly believed that Hate crimes can only be motivated by disability, faith, race, sexual orientation, transgender identity. But tragic cases such as Sophie Lancester’s and frequent reports to our 24hrs helpline reveal a different picture, where people are senselessly attacked and abused for simply being themselves or for characteristics that they cannot change about themselves

These characteristics can be but are not limited to age, class, alternative subculture, weight, hair colour or even someone’s interests or hobbies. 

It can be hard to imagine why the above personal identity aspects can motivate someone to be hateful, but these Hate Crimes do happen and can result in the tragic loss of life.

Gender-based Hate Crimes

Understand Gender-based Hate and our work to tackle it and support people affected by it.


Age Discrimination

Understand Age Discrimination and our work to tackle it and support people affected by it.


Online Hate

Understand Online Hate Crimes and our work to tackle it and support people affected by it.

"I'm really pleased that this service exists and you've been really helpful and empathetic."
24HR Stop Hate Line Caller

Stop Hate UK Encourages Reporting of Hate Crimes Based on Other Aspects of Personal Identity

We run a 24-hour anti-Hate reporting helpline for all monitored strands of identity and beyond. We record incidents that are perceived by the caller to be motivated by Hate, but which do not fall into one of the nationally monitored strands – for example, Alternative Subculture. 

We receive hundreds of incidents and crimes relating to age, gender, alternative subculture, weight or other characteristics of a person’s identity each year. 

Most incidents and crimes include harassment, verbal abuse, threatening behaviour, anti-social behaviours and criminal damage.

Stop Hate UK’s helpline service provides confidential and independent support, and people can report anonymously. We provide our callers with a safe space to tell us about their experiences and let us know what they need and want to happen. We will then explore options and the next steps with our caller. 

Stories from callers

Caller stated that her neighbours were shouting abuse at her, and targeting the way she dressed and her mental wellbeing.


The caller explained she was being threatened with physical abuse. She felt scared and intimidated.


The caller explained to us that she feels the police do not believe her and the issue is ongoing. 


Our advocate provided listening and emotional support. We also provided her with a list local mental health organisations for professional help.

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter. You’re the first group to actually do what they said they’d do."
24HR Stop Hate Line Caller

Promoting Anti-Hate through Campaigning and Education

Stop Hate UK tackles all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination by ensuring every person, regardless of identity, has someone to listen, believe, and advise them through our 24hrs Helpline. 

We annually participate in the National Hate Crime Awareness Week. We also provide training services to schools, organisations, and communities on how to foster an anti-Hate and inclusive environment. Some of our training programmes include ‘Introduction to Unconscious Bias, ‘Standing Up to Hate’ and ‘Hate Crime Awareness’, etc.

Stop Hate UK is deeply committed to fighting against Hate in all its forms so that people can live openly without fear, and prevent senseless violence and abuse motivated by Hate. 

"I would like to thank you one more time your support and for being there with your very much appreciated advice."
24HR Stop Hate Line

Why Support Us

Our vision to create a world that is free from Hate and discrimination can only be possible if we are supported by a collective effort to move us towards that vision. That collective effort comes from your donations, fundraising, or volunteering.  

We can only continue our work to protect and support people affected by Hate Incidents and Crimes through your support in any way you can.