Raymond James funds Stop Hate UK’s educational training against hate across schools in the UK

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Stop Hate UK have delivered workshops and training throughout a number of schools in England to support school initiatives to respond and recognise hate and discrimination following donation from Raymond James.

The delivery of the work in schools has been made possible following a donation from Raymond James who are partnering with Stop Hate UK to provide educational training, workshops, resources, and activities, all aimed at educating young people and adults about the causes and the consequences of hateful behaviour and how to respond to it.

Angie Wright, Education and Development Lead, Stop Hate UK said:

Schools across the country are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the need to equip pupils to stand up to hateful behaviour, whether they are witnesses to it or whether, sadly, they are targeted by it. Funding educational work in schools to help teachers and pupils recognise and respond to hateful behaviour is an extremely effective way to equipping teachers and pupils with the tools they need to prevent the harms of prejudice and discrimination. It is through working with our partners and the communities we serve, that we can do more to build a stronger sense of responsibility, belonging and commitment, which will hopefully lead to improved educational outcomes and lived experiences”.

Rachel Long,

Director of Learning: Welfare Education

Poynton High School is incredibly grateful to Raymond James for their generosity in funding our educational sessions with Stop Hate UK. We recognise that young people are growing up in a world where prejudice and discrimination cause great harm to people. Stop Hate UK’s work will empower our students to stand up to hate and help drive the work we do as a highly inclusive school that puts equality at the forefront of learning.”

Mario Orgill,

Kingsbury High School

World events and news have dominated our lives over the last two years, and within that, we have seen communities blamed and targeted. At Kingsbury High, our core values are to drive equality, be respectful and responsible to one another. We have a role to play in developing and shaping the world that we want our pupils to live and thrive in. The Hate Crime awareness session was invaluable for supporting our zero-tolerance approach to hate and we are especially thankful to Raymond James for funding the opportunity.”

Sue Warmington,

Headteacher, Mordiford Primary School

“Racism thrives when good people say nothing and Mordiford Primary School is committed to standing against any form of hate, harassment, or discrimination. This training will help us to recognise racism when it happens, and to support those targeted. As a school, it is all part of our commitment to value each individual and treat them fairly, no matter who they are.”

Julie Owen,

Headteacher, The Canterbury Centre

“This week’s delivery of Stop Hate UK’s training was highly impactful. Students learned how important it is not to stand by passively when they see injustice and discrimination, but to be upstanders, safely playing their part in supporting people affected by prejudice and working towards a fairer world. Our staff also learned about how discrimination can be very subtle but still have a harmful impact on people. The training will continue to support our mission to make a difference to the lives of many and the ongoing work we do in actively fostering an anti-hate ethos and environment in school. Thank you”.