Celebrating LGBTQI+ Figures in History

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Celebrating LGBTQI+ Icons in History

For Pride Month 2022, we wanted to highlight 3 figures in LGBTQI+ history to celebrate how far the community has come.

As we appreciate the lives of these figures, we can only imagine what impact they could have brought in today’s modern times, had they been born later.

This serves as a reminder of how far we have also come as a society to be accepting, tolerant and inclusive, where we are able to say that Marsha, Anne and Edward could have had much more easier and free lives.

Marsha P. Johnson

We started off with the ultimate icon of LGBTQI+history, Marsha P. Johnson. 

Her life story is one of the most inspiring journeys one can take lessons from.

Anne Lister

Then we have Anne Lister’s story, whose diaries were discovered in the 1980s by researchers. 

And we now know the existence of the first modern lesbian. 

Edward Carpenter

Finally, we highlight Edward Carpenter, who is said to be the “founding father of the gay liberation movement” in Britain. 

Due to his modest lifestyle, he is not well-known in modern times.