Mental Health Awareness Week (9th May – 15th May)

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Loneliness in the UK

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness in the UK, organised by the Mental Health Foundation. From 9th May to 15th May, people across the country are encouraged to share their stories, break the stigma, and create a change around how we approach mental health.

This year’s theme is Loneliness. Loneliness is a state of mind for wanting human contact but feeling alone. Loneliness can also occur even if we have lots of human contact, but feel that we are not being understood or cared for.

Hate Crime can also cause loneliness – the pain and frustration that follows a hate incident can make a person isolate themselves.

Stop Hate UK wants to be there for people in their times of need so that they never feel alone when facing hate or discrimination.

Hate Crime and Mental Well-Being

Experiencing hate crime can cause distress, frustration, and stress. Hate and discrimination has a huge effect on a person’s mental and physical well-being. Anxiety, depression, and distress are common among survivors of hate crime. Experiencing a hate crime can also cause someone to feel more vulnerable and on edge as if in anticipation of another attack.

Martha Nussbaum, an American philosopher, said that for human life to reach its highest potential, a person must have the ability to live a life “worth living”, which has dignity and a sense of equal worth. She believes that freedom to achieve well-being is the key to unlocking people’s full capabilities and potential.

Hate Crime robs people of the freedom to live a life of good well-being with real opportunities to flourish.

At Stop Hate UK, we want every person to have the right to live a life with peace, dignity, and respect.

Stop Hate UK is here to help you

Our callers often share their feelings of relief and safety when they reach out to us for help on our helpline. Facing abuse, discrimination and harassment can be an extremely isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. 

"I feel so much lighter after speaking to you."

“Thank you for your help and kindness. I know it is not easy to listen to other people talking about these kinds of awful things.”

"Thank god Stop Hate UK exists, there's someone to call who will listen, I was desperate before."

"It feels good that you're there. You've actually heard me today.”

If you are facing or have faced hate incidents or crimes, reach out to Stop Hate UK’s 24/7 helpline to receive confidential and independent support. We provide our callers with a safe space to tell us about their experiences and let us know what they need and want to happen. We will then explore options and the next steps with our callers.

Get Involved!

Let’s dismantle the stigma around loneliness. Share your experiences and send a powerful message to others, using the hashtags #IveBeenThere and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.

You can even tag #StopHateUK, we would love to see your messages and support your bravery!

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