The Waltham Forest Safe Streets App in Partnership with Stop Hate UK

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The Waltham Forest Safe Streets App in Partnership with Stop Hate UK

In Partnership with Stop Hate UK, the Waltham Forest council has developed the Waltham Forest Safe Streets App. Launched on the 22nd of March, the app makes it easier for residents to report street harassment incidents in the borough.

Scale of Street Harassment

In a 2021 survey 89 per cent of local women who responded stated they had experienced street-based sexual harassment in the borough, and 69 per cent changed their day-to-day behaviour due to harassment. With these harrowing statistics in mind, there’s an evident need for change.

Unwanted staring, comments on women’s appearances, and suggestive remarks were all raised as common types of harassment in the survey. Respondents were asked what measures they thought would best help in addressing the problem: a reporting app, penalty fines for perpetrators, and increased police presence were the three most popular things residents wanted to see.

The Waltham Forest Safe Streets App

Responding to the feedback provided by the survey, The Waltham Forest Safe Streets app gives users the choice to:

  • Report anonymously for information only
  • Access specialist support
  • Report the incident for formal investigation by police or council

The app also provides a route through to our 24/7 Stop Hate UK helpline. Users can reach out to Stop Hate UK to get guidance on support and reporting. Stop Hate UK’s helpline service provides confidential and independent support, and people can report anonymously. We provide our callers a safe space to tell us about their experiences and let us know what they need and want to happen. We will then explore options and next steps with our caller.

By using the app users will help pinpoint areas where women and girls are being harassed by men so that Waltham Forest council can work with partners such as the police, to make our streets safe.

The Safe Streets app is another step to help us tackle violence against women and girls and send a clear message that street harassment will not be tolerated in Waltham Forest.

The new app will be available on Android soon.

Stop Hate UK is Committed to Providing Solutions

Stop Hate UK  is committed to providing preventative and proactive solutions to harassment, discrimination, and hate. Together with our helplines, reporting apps, and awareness & educational training, we support our funders with projects such as the Waltham Forest Safe Streets app to provide a long-term preventative solution that will create safer environments for everyone to thrive in.