Solidarity with Ukraine

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“Every [person] has a right over their own life and war destroys lives that were full of promise.” – Sigmund Freud

Stop Hate UK stands in solidarity with Ukraine and against war.

The Russian invasion into Ukraine has left thousands of people displaced within Ukraine and hundreds of people, including children, have been killed. More than 3 million people have fled Ukraine, leaving behind their homes, loved ones, belongings, jobs – their entire lives.

The war has caused unnecessary loss of life and human suffering. 

Our hearts go out to people fleeing the country or taking shelter from the military onslaughts right now in Ukraine. 

Our charity’s focus may not lie in peace-keeping, alleviating humanitarian crises, or international relations. But our core vision “a world free of hate, harassment, and discrimination” strives to protect every person’s right to experience life without conflict, violence, and injustice. 

Stop Hate UK stands with Ukraine and against war.

Racial Discrimination

As millions are fleeing to safety, people of African, South Asian and Middle Eastern descent in Ukraine have reported facing racism and xenophobia at the Ukrainian- Polish border, with accounts of security and border officials prioritising Ukrainian citizens, as people who are racially and ethnically profiled are prevented from boarding trains and buses, pushed to the back of queues at the border, and unable to access shelter or food as they wait days to cross borders.

The UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism Tendayi Achiume has urged governments, humanitarian groups and other actors to ensure all individuals and groups regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality are safely seeking refuge in neighbouring countries without discriminatory treatment or barriers.

Apart from these appalling instances of discrimination, many have been welcomed with open arms into their countries with food, sim cards, clothes, and free transportation.

Anti- Russian Sentiments

Videos and images of violence and people fleeing Ukraine are surrounding us on our phones and televisions, giving rise to anti-Russian sentiments in other European countries. Russian restauranteurs are facing verbal assaults, businesses are putting up signs that say they won’t serve Russians and Russian children in primary schools are also being targeted for their nationality.

While in Russia, people are selling their possessions to move abroad as tens of thousands have protested war, with thousands arrested for anti-war sentiments.

It can be easy to feel helpless and angry in the face of injustice and violence faced by Ukraine, giving rise to feelings of resentment towards innocent Russian people. But it is important to remember that geopolitical conflicts aimed to further self-interests of states must not and does not justify harming the human rights of ordinary people who have nothing to do with state affairs.

We stand against hate and discrimination in all forms and against all groups.

Anyone experiencing hate or discrimination due to the war can reach out to Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK stands with Ukraine, the Ukrainian population, and other groups residing in Ukraine, as well as all Russians who are against war.