Stop Hate UK launches British Sign Language service

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Stop Hate UK has teamed up with InterpreterNow to provide a Video Remote Interpreting Service which offers online communication support for deaf people.

Stop Hate UK strives to increase accessibility of its services to as many groups as possible so that barriers are removed in order that victims of Hate Crime feel equiped, empowered and comfortable to report. The launch of the BSL service is therefore an important development as it helps to widen Stop Hate UK’s reach amongst the deaf community in our helpline areas.

InterpreterNow can be accessed from any PC or Mac which has a webcam, and any tablet or Smartphone which runs on Android or Apple software. They’ll work anywhere so long at they’re connected to the internet and have a webcam.

To connect to an online interpreter, users simply click the InterpreterNow icon on the Stop Hate UK website and follow the onscreen options. In a short while an interpreter will appear on the screen and the user will appear on theirs. The interpreter then contacts a helpline operator at Stop Hate UK to relay the conversation between the user and the operator.