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Housing Providers

Hate Crime Awareness Training for Housing Providers

HCATT – Hate Crime Awareness Training for Housing Providers – Full Day



Hate Crime continues to be widely misunderstood despite it being one of the most prevalent forms of Crime in the UK. Housing Providers will have to deal with the manifestation of Hate daily and will frequently come across it in the context of Anti-social behaviour.


However, Hate Crime can have a completely different impact on individual and communities as it challenges who we are and our own individual identity.  The tools and approaches we need to tackle Hate will therefore be different.

Housing Providers can play a key role in preventing hateful behaviour of all kinds through a zero-tolerance approach to Hate and discrimination. This course explains how to recognise what Hate Crime and discrimination is, how it differs from anti-social behaviour, and ways it can have a big impact on a person’s life.


This full day session examines in considerable depth the issues around hateful behaviour and introduce participants to ways in which it can be challenged and resolved.  Examples of where it has gone wrong in a housing context will be examined


  • To clearly explain how Hate Crime is defined
  • To explain impact of Hate Crime
  • To give delegates more tools to create safety for their tenants and residents
  • To give delegates more confidence to tackle issues early to prevent escalation
  • To enable delegates to understand the communications and policy needs to support this approach

Learners will

  • Gain an understanding of what Hate Crime is, its impact and its affects
  • Increase their confidence in recognising and responding to hateful behaviour
  • Understand the consequences of not dealing with incidents appropriately
  • Acquire prevention and intervention strategies to challenge Hateful behaviour and create support systems for their tenants and residents
  • Understand how their policies and procedures can support them and their clients to avoid bad outcomes

Course audience

Housing Provider staff and management


6 hours with breaks

Method of Delivery

This can be delivered both online and face-face. This course is developed and presented by our team members who are experienced in the fields of Hate Crime and housing

The session includes small-group discussion, presentation of statistics and research relating to Hate Crime, and scenario-based learning as well as an opportunity to ask questions for follow-up either within the session or afterwards.

Please contact info@stophateuk.org for further enquiries.