HCRYP – Hate Crime Reporting for Young People

Please note: This training course is delivered online


What can young people do when they witness or experience hateful behaviour? This session explains what Hate Crime is, both online and in the real world. Participants are introduced to some of the ways in which they can play their part in stopping hateful behaviour from creating more harm, by reporting appropriately and supporting their friends if they are targeted by Hate Crime.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide an overview of Hate Crime
    • Who is affected
    • Why it matters
    • How online hate fits in
  • To consider the implications of freedom of expression
  • To explain the harms of online hate
  • To equip young people with the knowledge and confidence to report Hate Crime

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what Hate Crime is, how Hate Crime manifests
  • Understand the impact of hate and its consequences
  • Understand the responsibilities of online use and freedom of expression
  • Increased confidence in recognising hateful behaviour
  • Acquire strategies to challenge hateful behaviour
  • Be able to recognise hateful behaviour on- and offline
  • Know how to report a Hate Crime and what to expect if you do

Course audience

Young people aged 11 to 25


1 hour

Method of Delivery

Online. This course is developed and presented by two of our team members who are experienced in the fields of Hate Crime and education.
The session includes small-group discussion, quizzes, and scenario-based learning as well as an opportunity to ask questions for follow-up either within the session or afterwards.

Please contact info@stophateuk.org  or call 0113 293 5100 for a full quote.