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Report Hate Crime Here:

If you have been affected by the war in Ukraine: After selecting your age group, choose the first option to reach the helpline.

Our helpline is for anyone experiencing Hate Crime and discrimination, based on any aspect of an individual’s identity

We encourage everyone to report incidents that they experience or witness. How to do it will vary depending on where you live because unfortunately Stop Hate UK is not funded to work in every part of the UK. 

If there is an immediate threat to life or the crime is ongoing, you should call 999.

If Stop Hate UK is not working in your area, and you do not want to speak to the police at this stage, check what is available for you locally or nationally.

If you are below the age of 18, you can report it to Call Hate Out.

If English is not your first language, we will seek the help of a translator so you can still report what has happened.

What happens when I call the helpline?

Our helpline service is 100% confidential and independent.

  • You can expect to be responded to by one of our operators with training and experience in working with people affected by hate crime.
  • We will listen to you, believe you, and give you confidential and independent support throughout the process.
  • We will ask for personal details for demographic monitoring purposes. It is completely up to you to share them. No details will be shared with any third-party agencies.
  • We will log in details of the incident just as you describe it for our records. It will not be shared without your consent.
  • Where appropriate, in instances where we cannot give you expertise and specialised support, we will refer you to other local agencies that may be able to help you better.
  • We will never take anything to the police unless that is what you wish to do, in this case, Stop Hate UK will support you.
  • We will never pressure you to do anything. We give you as a caller the autonomy of choosing your way to deal with your experience.

Download our reporting apps to report Hate incidents in Merseyside, West Yorkshire and Stockport: