For Young People

What do you think about the Police? How do they affect your daily life?

If you’re a young person aged 13 to 19, Stop Hate UK want to find out what you think of the Police. We’d like you to help train Police Officers so that they understand how to communicate with young people better. We want you to have the chance to set up a forum where young people can talk to the Police about issues that matter, and where the Police can find out what you think. We want to help you learn more about each other, and develop better ways of working together and trusting each other.

Stop Hate UK is about to start a project to improve the relationship between young people and the Police.

The Police are important in making our community safer, but sometimes people don’t feel confident talking to them. Stop Hate UK want to help you feel safe in your community, by improving how the Police work with you. We’re currently working on this Leeds-based project with the Hamara Centre, the Mandela Centre, Chapletown Football Youth Development Club, and West Yorkshire Police.

In the future, this project will also take place in other parts of West Yorkshire, and also in other parts of the UK.

If you want to get involved, or if you know someone who does, email or phone Stop Hate UK’s office on 0113 293 5100 for more information.

Workshops and training for young people, schools and youth groups

Stop Hate UK have a range of training courses about Hate Crime.

We’ve delivered theseStope Hate UK Poster Side A courses to young people, school teachers and school governors, and youth groups for over 10 years, and topics include:

  • equality and discrimination
  • understanding asylum and migration, and reducing myths
  • media literacy
  • the impact of Hate Crime

We can also advise on good practice in areas such as:

  • transition from primary to secondary school
  • circle-time and PSHE
  • resolving Hate Incidents
  • responding to complaints
  • mediation
  • working with parents

We run workshops with young people about Stop and Search (commissioned by the West Yorkshire Black Police Association).

If you would like to know more about our workshops and training for young people, please email or phone the Stop Hate UK office on 0113 293 5100.

Training for people who work with young people

As well as training for school teachers and governors, Stop Hate UK work with Youth Offending Services, Probation Services, housing providers and other organisations who are involved with young people. This work involves:

  • developing an understanding of Hate Crime and its impact.
  • working with frontline staff to develop ways to deal with Hate Incidents and support the people affected.
  • providing an insight into legislation and its impact on services

If you would like to know more about our workshops and training for people who work with young people, please email or phone the Stop Hate UK office on 0113 293 5100.

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Previous Stop Hate UK youth projects

Stop Hate UK have run a number of different projects with young people.

Consultation Work

Stop Hate UK worked with young people in Leeds for 12 months to explore ideas about identity, community, conflict and personal safety. The young people who took part were from a variety of different communities in Leeds, including people who had recently moved to Leeds from other countries. During the project, the young people produced a film about these issues. The project was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Community Cohesion Project

Stop Hate UK and St Luke’s Cares worked with young people in South Leeds to raise awareness about the consequences of Hate Crime, territorialism and conflict.