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  1. You can use this form to report to Stop Hate UK any Hate Crimes you have experienced or witnessed. You do not have to give your details. If you do give your details, you can choose who you want us to pass them to (e.g. local Police, local support agencies).
  2. If you need help immediately, call the Police on 999. If you want to talk to someone about the Hate Crime you have experienced, call the Stop Hate Line 24-hours a day on 0800 138 1625.
  3. If you don’t want to report a Hate Crime but would like to contact us, you can email us at
  4. You do not have to answer all the questions. Please give as much detail as you can, so we can monitor Hate Crimes better.
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  1. We would like to know about the victim of the incident. If you are the victim of the incident, please give as much detail as you want. If you are a witness or a third-party, please give as much detail as you can.
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  5. If you are the victim of the incident and want more help, please give your details here.
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