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Black History Month Movie Night Fundraiser - Resources to download

Here are all the resources you may need for the Black History Month Movie Night Fundraiser. Just click on the images to access the download option. 

You may not need all of these materials, for example, if you are organising a fundraiser with friends you probably won’t need an email template to send out invites since you can simply call or text them.

Or you may want to have an in-depth learning experience with this fundraiser, so go ahead and download the PowerPoint for a deep-dive education session on colonialism, racism, and the importance of Black History Month.

So just pick and download the resources you are comfortable with and get started!

Fundraising Guides and Materials


  • A Step-by-Step Guide on how to set up this fundraiser
  • An Additional Info Guide with information on fundraising with Stop Hate UK
  • Promotional poster  to promote your fundraiser
  • Template for a communication email that you can send out
  • Template for tickets to hand out
  • Even templates for popcorn boxes for you to use! 
  • A Guide on ticketing, film selection, lesson sessions, and team-building tasks
  • Social media posts to promote your fundraiser online

Social Media Posts - Included:

  • Main promotional post
  • Social media post caption copy 
  • Film post to present your chosen film