Training – Bespoke Training

Our training team can adapt, reshape, and alter our courses to deliver bespoke training to a range of audiences. They can alter their delivery style to best suit the audience’s needs to range from:

  • Primary/secondary schools, colleges, universities (students and staff)
  • Prison staff, police, anti-social behavioural teams, offending teams/services
  • Audiences with learning disabilities and/or mental health needs.
  • Support workers, carers, health care workers
  • Scrutiny panels, local authority, charities, community groups
  • Housing providers
  • Workers and volunteers at third party reporting centres

In targeting the above audiences, we are able to raise awareness and increase collaboration with recipients of our training.

Hate Crime affects people at home and in their communities, at work and at school. Stop Hate UK can help you understand:

  • The laws surrounding Hate Crime
  • How Hate Crime impacts on individuals and communities
  • Why people under report and how people who have experienced Hate Crime can be encouraged to make reports.

So, if you haven’t seen the training course you really need on our website, or you have a great idea for new course, contact us via email or call us on 0113 293 5100 to discuss how we can help you tailor our training to your specific needs.

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