Stop Hate UK Online Auction

We were delighted and very grateful to receive these fantastic, one of a kind, customised ‘Black Lives Matter’ Blazer Mid 77 Nike Trainers from Smudged Sneakers. These unique retro basketball style trainers are brand new, adult size 9 and are to be auctioned with proceeds going to Stop Hate UK!

To place a bid for a chance to receive these trainers, please follow the instructions below, to email your bid by 12pm, Friday 24th July 2020.

The starting bid for the trainers is £25.00 and the winner will be the person with the highest emailed bid entry received after the closing date. Please only bid if you are able to pay the amount, should you be the highest bidder.

Good luck everyone and remember all money will go to Stop Hate UK!


It’s easy…

  1. Decide on your bid amount – this is the amount you are willing to pay for the trainers should you win the auction (the amount must be above the starting bid of £25.00).
  2. Email your bid to before 12pm on Friday 24th July 2020. Please include your name, Bid Amount and the title ‘Auction Bid’ in the subject line of your email.
  3. The auction will close at 12pm on Friday 24th July 2020 – after this time we will go through all bids received and the highest bidder will win the auction.
  4. We will then contact the winner to pay the bid they placed for the trainers.
  5. Once the payment has been received the winner will be announced on our social media channels and the trainers will be posted to the recipient.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The online auction is for 1 x pair of adult size 9, customised Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Blazer Mid 77 Nike Trainers.
  2. The minimum/starting bid for the auction is £25.00.
  3. The closing date for the auction is 12pm, Friday 24th July 2020. No entries/bids received after this date will be considered.
  4. Entries should be emailed to and include the bidders name, bid amount and the words ’Auction Bid’ in the email subject.
  5. The winning bid will be the highest bid received at the closing date.
  6. In the event of there being more than one winning bid of the same amount received, a winner will be selected at random (using an online random number generator) from these entries.
  7. The winner of the auction will be contacted by email after 12pm on Friday 24th July 2020.
  8. The prize will be posted to the winner on receipt of the payment.
  9. The winner of the auction will be announced on our social media channels.
  10. Once the online auction winner has been contacted, payment for the trainers must be received by 12pm Monday 27th July. If the money is not received by this date, the next highest bidder will win the auction and be contacted.
  11. Once payment is received the trainers will be posted to the winning bidder by Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ parcel service. Stop Hate UK cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of the item during delivery.
  12. No cash alternative is available to the trainers.
  13. No returns, refunds or replacements available.
  14. If no bids are received above the £25 minimum/starting bid, the auction will be null and void.