Research Requests

Stop Hate UK welcomes any research that can inform the wider understanding of Hate Crime in all its forms. If you wish to carry out research in this area and would like assistance from Stop Hate UK please provide the following information in an email to clearly marked ‘Research Request’ in the subject field:

  • Name and contact details (including area in which you live)
  • Brief outline of the research proposal
  • Is the research being undertaken on behalf of a sponsor or specific organisation? If yes please provide details.
  • Is the research part of a course of academic study?  If yes please provide details of academic supervisor and confirm proposal has received ethical approval.

Once this information is received Stop Hate UK will let you know at our earliest opportunity if, and to what extent, we are able to assist.

Please note that we are unlikely to be able to assist with research that requires personal details of Hate Crime victims for surveys etc. due to the confidential nature of our work.