RRRE- Race, Racism and Responses in Education

Please note: This training course is delivered online


An introduction to the themes arising from the events of summer 2020, how teachers can respond to expressions of racism in school, and how schools can begin to develop an anti-racist ethos.

Aims and Objectives

  • Setting the context – opening up conversations
  • Uncover how racism manifests
  • Explore the role of unconscious bias
  • Look at language – such as the ‘n’ word
  • Create an inclusive classroom
  • Build confidence in identifying and dealing with racist behaviour

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how racism is experienced by pupils and staff
  • Establishing an anti-racist climate
  • Increased confidence in talking about racism
  • Acquire strategies to challenge racist behaviour
  • Develop a robust response to use of racist language

Course audience

Teachers and school leaders


1.5 Hours

Method of Delivery

Online. This course is developed and presented by two of our team members who are experienced in the fields of racism and education.
The session includes small-group discussion, a quiz and scenario-based learning as well as an opportunity to ask questions for follow-up either within the session or afterwards.

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