Scrutiny Panels


Every month across Leeds there are meetings to scrutinise how Leeds Police investigate Hate Crimes. Scrutiny panels make sure there is transparency in the Police’s actions, to help increase confidence in how the Police deal with Hate Crimes.

You will receive training from Stop Hate UK about Hate Crimes and about how they should be investigated by the Police.

For more information about becoming a Leeds Scrutiny Panel member, email or phone Stop Hate UK’s office on 0113 293 5100.


Stop Hate UK in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police has recently developed the first Hate Crime Scrutiny panel, to review the way in which South Yorkshire Police investigate incidents motivated by hatred or prejudice based on Race, Relion and Belief, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Disability.

The aim of the panel is to ensure community representatives have the opportunity to review investigations, identify good practice and raise matters where there are concerns regarding the way in which the investigations were carried out. This will enable South Yorkshire Police to ensure they continually improve the manner in which they deal with hate incidents, leading to improved service to the communities they serve.

Scrutiny Panel meetings are held each month at a venue in Sheffield City Centre. If you would wish to find out more about the scrutiny panel process and how you could be involved please contact or call 0113 2935100.

The scrutiny panel in Sheffield is supported by Stop Hate UK, an independent charity whose aim is to raise awareness of Hate Crime and its impact on victims, providing suport to those affected by hate crime and encouraging its reporting.

You can find Sheffield Hate Crime Scrutiny Panels on Facebook:

Sheffield Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel