Enhanced Hate Crime Awareness Modular Sessions

Course code EHCM/1/2: Enhanced Hate Crime Awareness Modular Sessions

NB: This training course can be delivered online 

This series of 3 half day sessions is aimed at frontline staff required to provide enhanced support to those affected by Hate Crime and discrimination (including housing management, supported housing, older person’s housing and specialist teams such as ASB and staff working within 3rd Party reporting Centre environments).

Session 1 covers what  definitions of Hate Crime, the historic context to Hate Crime, and the current legislative framework (Criminal and Civil).

Session 2 covers the impact of hostility on individuals, families and communities, current reporting trends, barriers to reporting and the range of reporting options available within communities.

Session 3 provides attendees with an opportunity to test out a range of reporting options to understand how different reporting mechanisms work and how they may assist those affected by hostility to report incidents. Consideration will also be given to client confidentiality and anonymous reporting.

Please contact info@stophateuk.org  or call 0113 293 5100 for a full quote.