Galop to run vital LGBT domestic violence service

Stop Hate UK would like to express how saddened we were to discover that Broken Rainbow, the UK’s only national LGBT domestic violence charity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender had gone into liquidation.

Regrettably, this serves only to show just how vulnerable services like this are and why we must all do more to support the vital work that is being done by many voluntary sector organisations.

However, since the news of Broken Rainbow’s demise, we are also very pleased to see that the service will continue but be run by Galop, the leading LGBT anti-violence and abuse charity.

Galop has been working for 33 years to support LGBT victims of abuse, violence and discrimination through a variety of services, including a helpline and as the lead partner of The Domestic Abuse Partnership, which is the only specialist multi-agency community response to LGBT Domestic abuse.

Galop has worked quickly with Broken Rainbow and the Home Office, which provides the funds, to ensure that there is no gap in service.

Nik Noone, Galop’s Chief Executive said,

“This is a vital service and it is important that those experiencing domestic violence in our communities have somewhere to turn when they need support. Galop has worked with all parties to make sure that support continues and there is no disruption to the delivery of this key service.”

Bob Green, Stonewall Housing’s, Chief Executive said,

“I am delighted that Broken Rainbow’s services will continue within Galop. I look forward to these services growing in the future under Galop’s direction.”

So, whilst Stop Hate UK would also like to echo those sentiments, we think it’s also very important to highlight the vulnerability that exists within key services like Broken Rainbow.

Thankfully, a swift solution was possible this time and, in line with the comments above, we also hope this service now goes from strength to strength under Galop.

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