New Hate Crime Operational Guidance published

This month the College of Policing published revised operational guidance outlining the minimum standards for response, investigation and supervision of Hate Crime offences.

The guidance which replaces the 2005 Hate Crime Manual includes a foreword by Dr Nathan Hall from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth and member of the Independent Advisory Group for the Police. Dr Hall who also sits on the Board of Trustees at Stop Hate UK said:

“The police occupy an important position in protecting victims of hate crime. Victims and broader communities need to have trust and confidence that the police will respond appropriately and effectively to their needs and this further demonstration of their commitment is welcomed. It is also important that many victims and advocates have contributed to the development of this product and I am pleased to see the document published. The policing of hate crime has improved significantly since the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry reported in 1999. This is testament to the tireless efforts of Stephen’s family but also to the dedication of many police officers of all ranks across the country, and of course the dedication of victims, advocates, charities and countless others working in this area. This guidance will help the service build on those improvements further.”

The under-reporting of Hate Crimes is acknowledged in the new guidance and Stop Hate UK is recognised as an independent service providing 24 hour Hate Crime reporting services offering immediate support and information for victims and third-party callers.

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